I attended the 2008 conference and sat in on the lecture ” student Creation of Digita; Documentaries in History Classrooms” (Click on 2008 archive to access video conference). The main technology tool for student use was primary Access Movies. By using Primary Access projects students can exercise content knowledge, critical thinking and writing skills.
Most importantly students can use primary sources and turn that resource into their own produce documentary. During the production process teachers have access to give students immediate feed back and critique. This is the first time I’ve heard of Primary Access, so this was a learning experience for me. I definitely will be using this tech tool with my students in September. The website is

Over the past four years K-12 Online Conference has presented about 40 conference sessions and keynote presentations in four themed strands post online.  The conference are posted over a two week period each yea

The session which I viewed was presented during the 2008 conference, the title is “I Like Delicious Things.“  The presentation looked at how tagging and the subsequent creation of folkonomies are changing the ways we think about information.  Chris Betcher from Sydney, Australia starts with obvious tagging systems used on sites like Flickr and Delicious.  He also examines how tagging enables information to be classified, sorted and managed in ways that make it more accessible, easier to manage and more self-aware.  Mr. Betcher also explores how tags can be aggregated across large collections of information to provide a snapshot into the overall Zeitgeist of collective thinking (Betcher, 2008).

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